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Captain’s Corner

Super Fan Name: Mooky Bucs


Legal Name: Michael Tiss

Employment: Liquor Sales and Brand Development

Who is your all-time favorite player: Mike Alstott

Who is your current, favorite player: Mike Evans

When and how did you become a Fan?

In the Mid 90's, being pretty much raised in Vegas with no football or team at the time. I jumped on the Bucs Ban wagon. My pop Warner’s team was the Buccaneers and I played Defense and at that time no other team could match that defense. Therefore, there was no choice for me but to root for the Bucs. I also was a fan of the Creamsicles, which many folks were not.

Favorite Buccaneer moment?

It was watching our defense Slaughter the Raiders in our 1st Super bowl appearance!

Favorite Buccaholics moment:

Meeting them in 2016 at Qualcomm Stadium (Home of the San Diego Chargers). They completely took over that stadium, which put the Buccaholics on the Map!!

What draws you to the Buccaholics:

The Fan-Family Atmosphere!! The Giving back to the communities and Charities!! The people in it and the love the fans have for the group that support the group!

As Captain Of The Buccaholics you host many events, including the Buccoholics Draft Watch Party can you tell us about this event?

This event was the staple to me becoming a Captain. This event is special to me personally and will always hold a spot in my heart, as the Buccaholics always will as well!

This will be the 6th Annual Draft Party, and with the NFL coming the BIGGEST & BESTone yet!! This event was originated to give people an excuse to get away, and to all meet in one place to kick off our favorite time of year!! We figured well, no better place, then to host a draft party every year in Vegas! I think the NFL has Agreed this year! Hope to see you all here this year!! All events are free of charge.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would love to add the Buccaholics, including myself, do as much as we can day in and day out. This is something we love and enjoy to the fullest!! We as a FanFamily and The Biggest Tailgate outside of Tampa for Bucs fans just want to THANK YOU for the love and support all over the globe. I live and die for the tailgates games and times I get to spend with you all, in this short period of time in this life that we have!

Please enjoy what you love to do every day and to the fullest. As I know I am living that life and with the alter ego super fan that lives inside me!! Thank you all for the love and support, we as Buccaholics would not be who we are without you all! Oh, and by the way, It's #MookLove to all yall!! Cheers & Go Bucs!!

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