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Founded in 2015, Buccaholics began as a small group of friends who were all fans of the same NFL team; although separated from it by, in most cases, thousands of miles. At its inception, there were nine members in a Facebook group. In less than four years, we have grown to become one of the strongest fan groups in the NFL; boasting over 10,000 members in our FB group with chapters spread across 15 states and in three foreign countries. We have been recognized and acknowledged by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, and have quickly risen to be one of the most recognizable fan presences in the world for the Bucs. We host multiple draft parties, watch parties, and tailgates all over the country (and the world) every season; with at least two major away game tailgates per season. This year, we plan to be in full force at the Buccaneers away games in both Los Angeles and Seattle, with several other smaller tailgates sponsored at other away games; including the one in London. When we throw a party, we invite everyone; boasting numbers anywhere between 150-500 people attending; and that’s not even  including the multiple localized watch parties we have happening every Sunday from pre-season through the Super Bowl. And it’s not just our members or even just Buccaneers fans. We welcome opponents fans too, extending our reach and, potentially, yours.

Very early in our existence, we made the decision that we wanted to do more than just talk football and be social. We saw an opportunity to reach out beyond the limits of our fandom and social media and make a difference in our local areas, our nation, and the world. We began using our growing platform as a way to do charitable acts and support causes we cared about. In the last two years since we started focusing on this, we have donated approximately $6000 to a variety of charitable organizations including Honor Flight Southland, 1Voice Foundation, and What The Buc Really Matters Foundation; as well as multiple donations to individuals within and/or connected to our group who have fallen on tough times. That total was raised in only a handful of tailgate events and a couple online raffles through our Facebook group. I know that, with the kind of partnership your company could offer, we would be able to do so much more.

Our goal...our to do much more! In pursuit of that goal, we have taken the time and necessary steps to become an official 501(C)(3) Not For Profit organization . Now that we have that status, we are seeking partners in the corporate world who believe in philanthropy and who have a ready audience among fans of pro football. We believe that your company, with its strong reputation for giving back to the community and with a stronghold in the fanbases we reach, would be a perfect partner for us. We hope you will feel the same way.

If you would like to know more or are interested in teaming up with the strongest #FanFamily in the NFL to help change lives, please let us know! We are developing several sponsorship levels/packages; including such elements as a constant presence on our social media pages, sponsorship signage at our events, recognition in any promotional materials we put out (event specific shirts and other merchandise). I am sure we can match one up with what you and your company can do!


Thank you for your time.




J.F. McElroy Jr.

Chief Communications Officer

With our extensive reach through out the NFL fan community Buccaholics will glady help sponsors reach out to fans at our events nationally. We can help your company look good while advertising though exclusive advertising at our events, on our social platforms, our website and our merchandise. We have stayed true to the fact that every single Buccaholics event is FREE, Family friendly, and attracts massive crowds of fans.


As we always mention our events are always FREE for fans which can get pretty costly for the group. We offer Food, Drinks, Raffles, Entertainment and a wholesome experience every single fan can enjoy when attending. You can help by becoming an official sponsor/partner and have your company help participate in these events while building your brand and marketing your company. All donations are also Tax exempt eligible with us being a registered 501C3 not for profit organization.


Buccaholics MANIA is alive and well! We are growing by the Thousands year by year. We have 15 official Buccaholics chapters through out the world and expect plenty more to come within the next year. We have made ourselves unique by placing principles in place. Respect, Family, Charity, and LOUDNESS . We travel from state to state and spread our Buccaholics mentality at every single event we host creating life long memories for any fan of any team that attends our events. We have no "Home Field Advantage" we create our "Home Field Advantage" by bringing the best energy possible to every city we travel to. Our events are funded by the merchandise we sell. Patches, Flags, Shirts are just some of the merchandise we offer. No profit is made from this AT ALL. We are able to help fans represent their Team and State and feel proud when they are covered in Buccaholics Apparel. We are fortunate enough to have created a unintentional uniqueness that so many try to create. With that comes responsibility and opportunity, opportunity to make a diffrence. Partner with us and become part of the FAN FAMILY.

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