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Captain’s Corner

Legal Name?

 Maurice Graham 




 Executive Concierge 

Where are you from?

 Toronto, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 

Who is your All-time favorite player?

 Warren Sapp

Current favorite player?

Lavonte David


When and how did you become a Fan?

 Honestly, I became a fan of football in 97, A great time in Video games with football, NFL Blitz was around,  Madden was on the cusp of peak popularity, and it was fun to watch. My initial football game that caught my eye was the Bucs Vs Lions wild card game. I was hooked on the team from there, especially with the new stadium on the way. 

Favorite Buccaneer moment?

 Forever, will be the Monday Night Revenge Game.....back and forth all game, especially with the Shaun King lateral. I was all in on Bucs from that night. Personally, for me, when I became the NFL SuperFan for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL Canada Fantennial Contest. 

With all the Tampa fan groups out there, what made you decide to become a Buccaholic?

 Honestly, it was the first group that reached out to me. Never asked for a membership.  Just to be a pure fan, regardless of location.

Favorite Buccaholic moment?

 My first Takeover in Detroit for Armada.  Took over the endzone, loudest in the stadium and made the local news. What a weekend. 

What does being a Buccaholic mean to you?

 Being a fan the right way, by just enjoying the fellow members,  supporting a team,  especially with the annual charity drive, it makes being a fan extra special and with purpose

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