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Im getting rid of this decanter set. Genuine lead crystal, 24kt gold around rims of glasses, padded box with custom compartments, COA. Brand new. Only caveat is; its so heavy, $$$ to ship! About 8lbs, all told! Feel free to hit me up! I also have three of these Brooks McFarlanes. Looking for good homes for at least one! Once again, hit me up!

Rabid Bucs fan since 1976 misplaced in Pittsburgh! Friends with former Bucs C Jeff Christy from the Super Bowl team. Have a Bucs paraphenalia collection dating back to 76 recently appraised at just over $32,000. If i don’t already have it, chances are i can get it! Been to Ray Jay several times for games. Proud supporter of BucNasty. Golfed with Mike Alstott and Brad Johnson. Spent time on Jeff Christy’s boat with many members of Super Bowl team. Hung out with one of our HOFers doing things better left unmentioned! Super stoked about Tom Brady bringing a winning attitude more than what throws he can make!If it deals with the Bucs, im all about it! Happy to help any fan with anything i possibly can. Previously wrote for BucsReport. Also senior editor and Admin during my time with them. Photo is from Dec 9, 2001 during a game vs Detroit


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