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A little about this segment. First and foremost this will be me just being me. I love to talk football. Being a former player and coach I enjoy diving into the X’s and O’s of the game we all love. I will give you my opinions on certain players, teams and even plays that were called. Basically I’m the guy at the end of your typical sports bar. So if you’d like pull up a stool and let’s hash it up.

Navigating Uncharted Waters.

By: Michael SeDoris

As Jason Licht and Bruce Arians set sail into the 2021 NFL draft they head into it from a place no other team in the modern era of football has been. As currently constructed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are returning all 22 Super Bowl starters. This is a feat that hasn’t happened since the year before I was born. I’m OLD! The 1977 Raiders returned all their starters as well. However this was done before today’s Free Agency Frenzy!

The Brass in the Bay will not be drafting to fill needs. Because quite frankly they have the most complete roster in the NFL! Seriously, look at this roster where is the glaring omission? At one point I thought it was depth in the OLine, however Wells and Stinny are more than serviceable. The greatest thing any Buc fan could hope to hear right now is “Best Available “. Those two words leave Arians and Licht endless options!

The option I hope they chose to employ is trading out of the first round. Why? Well it’s quite simple really. The Bucs need players to fill out the roster requirements, with little cap to play with the draft is the cheapest way to do it. There will be teams wanting to move up to snag one of the top tier receivers that is likely to fall with the potential of five qbs being drafted in the first ten picks. There will be a team that’s enamored with the freakish athleticism of someone like Jason Oweh. ( I truly feel he is the best Edge in this draft). So yes, I hope they trade down and stockpile picks for this year and next years draft. The Bucs could potential trade down to the early to mid 60s and still get a future starter in the likes of a Jabril Cox ( LB LSU). Cox would fill in nicely in spot duty for either White or David.

The late second early third in this years draft is where things could get interesting. Could Licht pull the trigger on one of the RB from North Carolina? Could B.A be looking at a WR like Amari Rodgers to fill the possible void of Jayden Mickens due to his legal issues. Rodgers is a burner make no mistake about it. He excelled as a punt returner as well as a slot receiver.

My only advice to you all as Buccaholics is to trust the front office. Sit back and enjoy it as our Pewter Pirates “GO FOR TWO”

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