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Captain Shamus’s Fan of the Month

Everyone meet one of the originals. A Buccaholic before there were Buccaholics!!

Legal Name :

Debbie Garcia



Who is your All-time favorite player:

Warren Sapp!!

Current favorite player:

Antoine Winfield Jr., Mike Evans and Tristan Wirfs. I couldn't pick just one!

When and how did you become a Fan?

Late nineties when Tony Dungy was the coach. He was the reason I became a fan.

Favorite Buccaneer moment?

Seeing us win our first Superbowl and Warren Sapp and John Gruden celebrating.

Favorite Buccaholics moment:

L.A. takeover!! Seeing my city covered in pewter and red was a dream come true.

What draws you to the Buccaholics:

Just how we all get together and love the Bucs!! Everyone is just so friendly. It feels like family!

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