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Captain Shamus’s Buccaholic of the Month!

Legal Name:

 Rich Poppert II 



 Chef Pop 



UPS Supervisor and Private Chef 


Where are you from:

Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS


Who is your All-time favorite player:

Derrick Brooks (Defense)

 Mike Alstott (Offense)


Current favorite player:

 Mike Evans (Offense)

  Devin White (Defense)


When and how did you become a Fan:

 I became a Bucs Fan in 1995 when Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp were drafted. As a young Defensive Lineman to see how these two played with speed and power was very intriguing. This helped me model my game after them.



Favorite Buccaneer moment:

  I have 3....

1st was the 5 - Martin Grammatica Field Goals on December 29th, 2002. I sat in Champaign, in a stadium full of Bears fans, in the cold to watch the Bucs shutout the Bears, in temps under 40 degrees cold.

2nd was the Ronde Barber interception to seal the deal in Philly.

3rd was watching Derrick Brooks get the nail in the coffin, with his interception of the Raiders in Super Bowl 37. 


 With all the Tampa fan groups out there, what made you decide to become a Buccaholic:

Because as a Buccaholic, I have pride in my team even though I live in Chicago. Pewter and Red run through and through in a sea of Blue and Orange.


Favorite Buccaholic moment:

Seeing the representation at Ronde Barber's Hall of Fame enshrinement. 


What does being a Buccaholic mean to you:

 Having pride in our team no matter the result. There may have been many lean years but to stick it through is what a Buccaholic does


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