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Captain Shamus’s Buccaholic of the Month

Legal Name?

Christopher McAfee Sr






Human Resource Generalist @Hickory Harvest Foods 


Where are you from?

Canton, Ohio


Who is your All-time favorite player?

Derrick Brooks


Current favorite player?

Devin White


When and how did you become a Fan?

95. Being a Derrick Brooks fan and following him at FSU that made me a Bucs fan.


Favorite Buccaneer moment?

Last year being at Raymond James Stadium for the Bucs/Rams playoff game. Sharing that moment with my family. Which was my first home game that I’ve ever been to. 


With all the Tampa fan groups out there, what made you decide to become a Buccaholic?

Because it was local fans in Ohio that I could interact with and lead me to meet some awesome people not only from Ohio, but other states as well!


Favorite Buccaholic moment?

The meet and greet last year for Lynch being inducted to the HOF.


What does being a Buccaholic mean to you?

 Representing your team no matter what. Being a good ambassador to your team

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