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Captain Shamus’s Buccaholic of the Month!

Legal Name?

Dan Williams


Semper Fi


Owner/Operator Motorcycle Ambulance (Motorcycle Towing)

Where are you from?

Anaheim, CA

Who is your All-time favorite player?

Vinny Testaverde

Current favorite player?

Ryan Jensen

When and how did you become a Fan?

I became a Bucs fan in 1983 at 6 years old. I was born in CA but my family was relocated to Tampa in 1980 and shortly after that I became a fan.

Favorite Buccaneer moment?

I would have to say getting escorted out of Qualcomm stadium in San Diego back in 2004 by police on horseback. I went all decked out, face paint and all. Because we lost to Chargers, their fans decided to be a**holes and there wasn't another Bucs fan insight.

With all the Tampa fan groups out there, what made you decide to become a Buccaholic?

BUCCAHOLICS, Duh. It only fits!

Favorite Buccaholic moment?

This is a tough question. I actually have two.

I had such a great time at the LA Takeover. But all I can say is wow, what a great turn out and what a great game!

My second is the SuperBowl Party at Coaches Corner, we probably had about 50-60 of us celebrating our team.

What does being a Buccaholic mean to you?

It means family!

Anything else you would like to add?

Being a part of the Fan Family has changed the way I watch and enjoy football.

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