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Captain’s Corner

Legal Name:

Art Oropeza


The Godfather


Bridgestone/ Firestone

Where are you from:

Los Angeles

Who is your All-time favorite player?

Mike Alstott

Current favorite player?

Mike Evans

When and how did you become a Fan?

I Followed Mike Alstott

Favorite Buccaneer moment:

Ronde Barber’s pick to Beat the Eagles

What made you decide to create the Buccaholics?

I wanted to have a group for Buc fans to be able to watch games together. As the man that started it all, what are your goals for the Buccaholics?

I more than everything want this group to be known for what we do in our local chapters, as a group for our communities, and charities. There is so much division in this world. I want us to be able to unite people regardless of what team they root for. Everyone should feel welcome to be at a Buccaholics event.

Favorite Buccaholic moment?

The moment after the Bucs vs Chargers game in San Diego, where all the Bucs Fans we’re celebrating in the halls of the Stadium.

What does being a Buccaholic mean to you?


Anything else you would like to add?

I am humbled and Grateful to everyone that has helped this group reach the high’s that it has. Thank you all for everything you do. This is our group let us continue to grow together. Thank you

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