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Buccaholic of the Month!

Superfan Name - 

The Beard

Legal Name - 

Mike Turner Jr.

Employment  -

 Office Furniture Installer

All-Time Favorite Buc - 

Derrick Brooks / Mike Alstott

Current Favorite Buc - 

Tristan Wirfs / Mike Evans / Antoine Winfield Jr.

How and when I became a Bucs fan -

1995 when they drafted Brooks and Sapp

Favorite Bucs Moment - 

#1 is Ronde's pick 6 against Philly to Clinch the NFC and take us to our 1st Superbowl. 

#2 Winfield giving Tyreek Hill the Peace sign!

Favorite Buccaholics Moment - 

Most Definitely the Meet and Greet in Canton on Ronde's Induction weekend 

What draws me to the Buccaholics - 

It's a Family, not just us as Bucs fans but league wide, everyone is welcomed and included. It's a Great group!

Buccaholics / watch Party / Events that you have hosted- 

So far I've only had one watch party and it wasn't a huge turn out but we still had a great time!

Anything Else -

 I really enjoy being part of this group, I've meet some awesome people and hopefully some life long friends. I look forward to bringing more people into our group and helping out as much as I can to our Charities. Much Love to all of the BUCCAHOLICS!!!!

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